Orné – a product of Loi Tuong with a line of watercolor paints and putty inspired by art from France. Orné is manufactured on modern European technology lines and operated by a team of highly qualified engineers and skilled workers, providing high color stability, durability and perfect coverage, lifting high quality of life.


I am very proud when I see the houses and buildings put on our paint. Every homeowner wants to turn their home into a place that reflects their lifestyle. But not many people are completely satisfied with their choice. With seniority in the field of water-based paint and production potential, I truly believe that each piece of Orné paint popularizes a new lifestyle “More Relaxed, More Passionate” regardless of class. As a leader, representing Orné, I have a responsibility to contribute to society and improve the quality of life for Vietnamese people.

Edwin Chieng Ly Phat

Short name Loi Tuong LTD
Founded 1993
Company address 98A Truong Phuoc Phan Street, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Factory address Area D2, Nhi Xuan Industrial Park, Hoc Mon
Legal representative Chieng Ly Phat
Manufacturing sector Production and distribution of French paints Wedding restaurant – Kim Phuong Hoang Summit Rubber farm – Import and export rubber processing factory Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Metal and Electric Equipment
Business code 0301020190
Phone number (028)3767 3725 – 3767 3726
Fax (028) 3767 3724



2021 will receive stable growth of the water-based paint industry, but also create significant challenges for domestic competitors. The saturation in product quality forces every brand to find its own direction. Strategy wise comes from the brand by innovating to fit the times.

If you have ever encountered French culture, you must have seen the iris symbol many times, carved on reliefs or art paintings. In the 13th century, the iris became a symbol of France and was decorated on mantles, palace objects and walls representing perfection, light and life. This is also the reason why Orné chose iris flowers to shape the paint packaging. The special thing is that each paint represents a part of that flower, divided into 3 parts: flower head, flower stem and flower stalk.

The palette system is also structured to distinguish the different types of this rich product system. With the red palette representing the exterior paint line, the blue color representing the interior paint line.

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